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Where does the architecture end and the garden begin? Tereza Šváchová posed this questions to landscape architect Vladimír Sitt in an interview for this special edition of INTRO magazine. Are you interested to know how he replied? Open the PLANTS issue to learn more.

Print format 230 × 295 mm, 108 pages
Printed on uncoated, offset paper
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Dear Friends,
you’re holding in your hands a sort of premium edition of INTRO magazine, because this issue is only for subscribers. (Be sure not to lend it to anyone!) It comes hot on the heels of INTRO 7, which was devoted to plastic. It’s hard to image a shaper edit than the transition from plastic to…and this is where it got a bit complicated. What subtitle to choose? GREENERY? Many landscape architects would grimace at that. VEGETATION? Much better and almost acceptable, but to some the term sounds too gastronomical. So we’ve gone with PLANTS. Architecture and plants.

When it comes to the work of landscape architects and “clean” architecture, the differences of opinion are fascinating. Without wishing to engage in unhelpful analysis or impose borders on the profession, I think it’s wonderful that we can present the views of a number of specialists on this subtle differentiating. You will read what Vladimír Sitta, Marek Obtulovič, Lucie Vogelová, Zdeněk Fránek, and Markéta and Petr Veličkovi say…

You may also read the thesis that landscape isn't nature. It’s a pity it's not within our power to convene a roundtable debate; I’d love to hear the above-named experts and advocates of other positions discuss this topic.

At the end of the day, it's impossible to create an architecture built exclusively of plants - it simply won't work. Similarly, you can’t draw a harsh line between landscape architects and architects constructing brick and mortar buildings. They should live in symbiosis. To put all this theorising into practice, we’ve provided some great completed projects and works-in-progress. Now all we need is rain.

Martin Verner, Editor in Chief

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14/ A Community Village in Hoi An

20/ Interview: ODDO architects

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28/ Interview: Vladimír Sitta

36/ Waltrovka Park

44/ Landscape Architecture as a Game of Cards

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56/ Dispatch from Tehran

60/ A Town Hall in Norðragøta, Faroe Islands

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