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10% z prodeje předplatného věnujeme nadaci Člověk v tísni, jež pomáhá lidem z Ukrajiny, kteří utíkají před boji do okolních zemí. Již jsme vybrali 2,315 EUR


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The INTROHOUSES website was created as a guide to family homes and is also a useful tool for anyone looking for inspiration for their own home. Subscribe to the site, or access it for 9,6 EUR.

The project offers the public a selection of the best architecture has to offer in the area of family homes. For greater clarity and ease of orientation, we've divided the homes - each accompanied by a description and photography - into several categories. You can choose from urban and rural homes and Czech and international builds or search according to the building materials used. Many of the homes featured on the site have been recognised by architectural awards, including the Czech Architecture Award and the CEZAAR Award. They have been selected in dialogue with INTRO magazine’s editorial board and some featured homes are even the result of their architectural designs.

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